Artist Marc Kitaen artwork slideshow. (A general overview).

50 Artwork Images slideshow art exhibition of my One Man show held at "MTRP", MISSION TRAILS REGIONAL PARK NATURE CENTER.  "" music soundtrack. 

"Unfettered Imagination"

A Wildlife and Nature solo artist exhibition.

"MTRP" Mission Trails Interpretive Nature and Art Center.

August 17th to September 12th, 2014.

"California Wolf Center" / Alaskan Grey Wolf Pack / Julian, CA.


We have been invited two times to "CWC", filming inside the enclosure up close and personal with the Alaskan Grey Wolves. Ten feet and closer we were to the Alpha Males and Female with their 6 month old pups and the rest of the wolf pack family, as we relished this awesome opportunity and photographed them for one hour each time.

This video is apx. 11 minutes of viewing curiosity, intelligence, and humorous moments as the pack inter-acted with the new people inside their home lair.

The "California Wolf Center" and all the volunteers are dedicated to educating the public, caring for the wolves medical needs, reproduction of species, and re-introducing endangered wolves back into a desirable safe environment.

"Green Screen Wizard" / Chroma Key Photography studio, San Diego, CA.

A video and art collaboration project  filmed at "Green Screen Wizard" studios, a dedicated Chroma Key Photography Studio in the Miramar area. I teamed up with Mental Eclectic & Michael Lee and a large support crew filming 5 Models, with 3 Pro Hair & Makeup Artists.

This video shows the original raw model chroma key photo shoot image, then magically the original raw photograph of the model and the completed artwork merges, as they transform together and blend into each other as a new artistic visual story.