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*** MARC KITAEN: Digital Photo Artwork, T-Shirts, Portraits, Graphic Designs, Microscope Photo Art  *** ELLARY BRANDENBURG: Acrylic Mixed Media, Acrylic Mosaic Collages, Watercolors, Pencils, Acrylics, Custom Jewelry


Marc Kitaen T-Shirts and Apparel Designs coming soon!

Marc Kitaen New Art Releases #2

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My latest Art Creations Gallery #2,

including closeups of my artwork.

Native born San Diego Digital Artist & Photographer Marc Kitaen, creating

original Art & Apparel Designs, Graphic Designs and Stereoscopic Microscope Art.

Marc Kitaen New Art Releases #1

Ellary Brandenburg Bio & Contact

Marc Kitaen "New Art Releases #1 page is filled up, Please

visit my "New Art Releases #2 Gallery for my latest artwork.

Ellary Brandenburg is from Wisconsin and creates

her artwork in Mixed Media, including Photography.

Ellary Brandenburg New Art Releases

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