Formally known as "Wind Spirit Art"...

1986 – 1996: Spanish Village Art Center, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA , I had leased 3 different art studios there. I created 3D/2D mixed media sculptural wood reliefs, large wall decorations and table top designs. The finished art projects had the appearance of being 3 dimensional when viewed from the front and side angles.

Art themes included: Nature, Wildlife, Native American, Southwest designs and Fantasy.

Inlaying wood marquetry techniques, and individual pieces (designs/shapes) were layered on top of each other with the use of plates, held together by screws and glue. I painted each individual piece on all sides and edges, and also sealed them prior to painting and after, ensuring their ability to withstand most environments stresses that they may have to endure. There were also functional design elements built into the creations, like mirrors, shelving and electrically illuminated lighting.

Materials and techniques used: Marquetry (inlay and over lay hard wood veneers), oil base stains, sand mixtures, acrylic paints, electrically illuminated, metal work, and other accessories and embellishments. Over 500 art project & designs were completed and sold during that time period, most projects were commissioned by clients.


Untitled photo