We have been invited two times to the "California Wolf Center", filming inside the enclosure up close and personal with the Alaskan Grey Wolves and the Mexican Red Wolves. We were ten feet and closer to the Alpha Males and Female with their 6 month old pups and the rest of the wolf pack family, as we relished this awesome opportunity and photographed them for one hour each time. At the bottom of this page please check out the 11 minute video, "Inside with the Wolves of CWC". You will enjoy viewing their curiosity, intelligence, and humorous moments as the pack inter-acted with the new people inside their home lair. PLEASE make sure you visit the "California Wolf Center" website and adopt the next wolf you meet... 

* In this video if your wondering what the Wolf Caretaker is spraying on the ground in the enclosure it's "Peppermint". It effects wolves like catnip does for cats! They can't help themselves and it is almost impossible to resist. The more mature wolves do lose interest after awhile, probably knowing that meat treats are on their way soon.

"Inside with the Wolves of CWC"